1. 22 July 2014


    Photography Blog Reviews ACDSee Pro 7!

    Our friends over at Photography Blog reviewed ACDSee Pro 7!

    Read their in-depth review and see how they feel it competes with the likes of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Find it here.

  2. 8 July 2014


    ACDSee’s Summer Sports Photo Contest

  3. 19 June 2014


    The History of ACDSee

    1994 - The first version of ACDSee (16-bit, for Windows 3.1). ACDSee 1.0 - 16 bit was sold for $15USD.

    1995 - The first version of PicaView.

    1997 - ACDSee 95 was released, it was the first 32-bit version of ACDSee.

    1999 - Added image editing, plug-ins, video, scanner and digital camera import and online functionality to ACDSee 3.0.

    2002 - Added relational database, calendar view and categories, bringing us ACDSee 3.0

    2004 - LCE research begins.

    2005 - ACDSee 7.0 with support for digital camera raw images.

    2006 - The first version of ACDSee Pro. This was the first version of ACDSee to include LCE technology.

    2007 - ACDSee 8 and ACDSee 9 - Launched in all languages.

    2009 - The first version of ACDSee Mac was released.

    2011 - ACDSee Pro 4, ACDSee Mac Pro 1, and new in 2011 was the introduction of ACDSee Video Converter and ACDSee Online, an online photo sharing site.

    2013 - ACDSee Photo Editor 6 with stunning effects and filters and the ability to work with object layers.

    2014 - 20 years of software greatness since 1994!

  4. 5 June 2014

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    Become a Featured Photographer!

    Have any great pictures you’re proud of and want to see featured on ACDSee 365 and the ACDSee.com homepage?

    This is your opportunity to not only get your work seen but to get your name out there too!

    We’ve made some changes to the acdsee.com homepage to now include 5 of your photos, and when you hover over the photo your username will appear and when the picture has been clicked on everyone will be directed to your ACDSee 365 profile and able to see all your public photos! Check it out:

    Now, the question you must be asking yourself is “How do I get my picture featured?” Easy! Just create an ACDSee 365 account and upload your top shots (make sure they are set as public) and every week our buddy Nic over here, chooses the top photos to go to the Popular page. And the top 5 pictures on the Popular page make their way to acdsee.com. Go ahead and start uploading here.

  5. 4 June 2014


    And The Winners Are…

    ACDSee’s latest photo contest showed us a few GREAT photographs, with a three winners!

    3rd Place - “Mark Donohue’s former Trans-Am Camaro” by Geoffrey Crall with a total of 15 votes. Geoffrey won a copy of the ACDSee Pro Pack valued at $399 USD.

    2nd Place - “A thing of beauty” by Mihai ‘Andy’ Spiridonica with a total of 26 votes. Andy won a copy of the ACDSee Family Pack valued at $599 USD.

    Grand Prize - “Red, White, and Blue” by Charles Boumiea. This grand prize winner was chosen by the Staff at ACD Systems. Charles won a Canon Powershot G1X camera valued at $699 USD.

    Did you miss your chance to enter this photo contest? Not to worry we’ll be having a couple more throughout the summer so be sure to check out acdsee.com and stay connected through Facebook and Twitter.